Tournament of Kings

Enjoy jousting, invading armies, dragons, and fire-wizards at this exciting Las Vegas dinner show.

The show begins with great fanfare as the seven kings and one dragon knight (representing evil), are announced. Their royal costumes are rich in color and design, their horses adorned with bright plumage. (The regalia was designed by Michel Fresnay, who was nominated for a best-costume Emmy in 1989 for the television production of "Napoleon and Josephine".)

The kings then feast with King Arthur at the Round Table, after which a series of games, including a horse race, a jousting match, sword fighting and gladiator-style battles, commence.

Audience members are invited to cheer on the king representing the "country" where they are sitting. Four-rows deep, the arena is divided into seven "country" sections and the "dark knight" section, which represents the evil Mordred's minions. Our seats were in "Russia" - and even though our king played dirty at times, he was very well received.

That's because although the show is a display of physical strength and agility, it relies heavily on audience participation. The toasting ritual enlivens the feast. Guttural chants intensify the jousts and fighting segments. Be aware, however, that you may be reprimanded for booing the opponents too loudly!

The merriment is interrupted when evil Mordred, the fire wizard, tries to capture King Arthur's kingdom. As the kings come together, one is killed; the others then avenge his death. Each battle is more spectacular than the next, with smoke, fire and pyrotechnics, until the final clash decides a victor.

Dinner is served as the show begins - an appetizer of "dragon's blood" (tomato soup) is followed by a Cornish hen, twice-baked potatoes, broccoli, a roll, soda and dessert. Keeping with the show's medieval theme, no utensils of any kind are given. The meal was cooked to perfection and was quite filling.

The "Tournament of Kings" is a no-holds-barred entertainment rampage - the action is non-stop, battles intense and the crowd frenzied - at times it's impossible to hear anything over the sound of fists banging on tables. It's a raucous good time, one more than worth its price tag.

Show Tips: 
This show contains Pyrotechnics, fire and fog effects are used. 
All ages are allowed. Children three and under may attend for free if they sit on an adult's lap and share food. 
Dinner and soda is included in the show. Drink service is available for an additional charge. 

Type of Show
Dinner & Show