When it comes to Scintas, (Say Shin-tahs), the only thing routine about this fantastic comedy / variety musical foursome is the way they draw capacity crowds wherever they appear. Scintas draw wildly enthusiastic fans of all ages, from all walks of life, and every fan leaves the show happy and entertained. That's because Scintas offer something to appeal to everyone's musical or comedic tastes, all excellently done. These four remarkably talented people are from Buffalo, New York.

Joe is the eldest brother of Scintas clan. He's been playing bass guitar in his own band since he was a teenager. His warm rugged good looks and casual attitude give the air of a man who's done the circuit, and is now happy to be up on stage with his family, playing straight man to Frankie's jokes. His impressions and original characters are side splitting. He's no slouch with the sound effects and bass guitar either. Close observation of Joe in concert, however, reveals a sharp perceptive eye that's always scanning the crowd, getting feedback, keeping all the variables in sync. There’s no denying that everybody on stage respects big brother Joe's opinion.

Chrissi can remember singing "Red Roses for a Blue Lady," accompanied by Frank on the banjo when she was three years old. At age ii she was billed by a Buffalo columnist, overwhelmed by the power of her voice, as the "next Ethel Merman". Since then, she's been compared to Whitney Houston and Streisand, among others. The power and perfection are still there, supplemented by experience and elegance. The fact that she has a face and body that make other women grind their teeth in envy doesn't hurt. Chrissi regularly catapults audiences out of their seats with that voice, whether she's singing "I Will Always Love You," or selections from the aforementioned "Phantom. " Her brothers regularly tease their baby sister about her sweetness and humility, qualities that shine through on or off stage....They also fondly bill her as the star of the show. ...they could be right.

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